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Offline - Quarterly Reports

Off the shelf reports-

Liases Foras is engaged in the process of collecting real estate market trends and data every three months. Based on the updates we get every quarter, we compile Ressex Market reports (focused on the residential market trends and movement) on each of the city covered by us. The report covers demand and supply market analysis as well as many more crucial factors observed in the following markets:

  • Mumbai Metropolitan Region
  • National Capital Region
  • Pune
  • Bengaluru
  • Chennai
  • Hyderabad
  • Ahmedabad
  • Kolkata

The six cities form about 75% of the organised real estate market in India. Industry players can look forward to updated answers to most of their questions posed on real estate market. We follow three tier structure while compiling reports and take into account observations recorded in past four quarters.

Present Reports

report report report report
MMR Market Report - Q4FY12 Pune Market Report - Q4FY12 Hyderabad Market Report - Q4FY12 NCR Market Report - Q4FY12
report report report report
Bengaluru Market Report - Q4FY12 Chennai Market Report - Q4FY12 India Market Report - Q4FY12 Sample Report
Advisory Services Framework
Beyond the subjective gut feel based prognosis, our advisory services are backed by strong data and scientific theories rationale

We dig deeper; besides having a strong knowledgebase and team, our capabilities are enhanced by the data and its integration on GIS platform. Main elements of our advisory services are:
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