Liase Foras Independent, non-brokerage realty research company
Liase Foras Independent, non-brokerage realty research company
Independent, non-brokerage
realty research company

Desktop Valuation, Valuation Comparable and AVM (Automated Valuation Model)

Desktop Valuation with Comparables, is a first of its kind, a web based valuation validation tool. It helps Banks/ HFCs/ NBFCs to validate the valuation, given by external agencies, thus mitigating the risk in the system. The tool compares the prices across Liases Foras primary market data, registration data and data sourced from various property portals, to provide valuation solutions.

    First of its kind concept, aims to fulfil the requirement of instant confirmation of the prevailing prices of a particular project or location across different sources of data available. It is a tool to authenticate the price point/range of the product across different data points.

    A strong search tool search the comparable data based on the set rule across all datasets, viz

    • Liases Foras Data
    • Secondary and Portals Data
    • Registration Data

    And offers the all the comparables available across all data points for the user to select. The options of selecting the median as well as direct comparable has been integrated.

How can Comparables help you?

How does AVM (Automated Valuation Model) work?

The Automated Valuation Model is a hedonic regression model simulating urban price setting of a city , depending on the quality grades of neighbourhood setting, products and surroundings, it provides the appropriate market value of the property.

It is based on our proprietary urban price setting theory. The study decodes that every city maintains a specific price setting (float) at any given point of time and the price of a property is governed by four fundamental factors such as distance, density, surroundings and products. Differentiation in these factors provides differentiating values of property, even though situated in the same distance.

A user has to just provide the details of the property, neighbourhood setting and surrounding features to get the value of the property. The accuracy of the valuation depends on how well you have defined the property. There are three versions of defining the property attributes, such as express, essential and pro.

What is key is that this entire process will take not more than 30 seconds.