Liase Foras Independent, non-brokerage realty research company
Liase Foras Independent, non-brokerage realty research company
Independent, non-brokerage
realty research company
Consumer Profiling

We specialise in the field of real estate-specific consumer surveys. This data is collected on a case-to-case basis when a client engages us for our advisory services. A demographic profile that answers need and ability of the customer to purchase our product includes age, gender, geographic location and other facts.

Consumer Profiling

We also conduct psychographic profiling of the buyers. People buy products that suit their personality, which is all tied up in their lifestyle choices, beliefs and attitudes. This profiling can help you tailor your marketing techniques to the personality type of your customer. An extensive questionnaire is prepared based on the objective of the study. Stratified sampling, random sampling or systematic sampling methods are adopted, depending on the probability or exploratory research. Online surveys, primary surveys or focus group discussions are the means employed to conduct this research.

Based on the issues mentioned above the consumer survey approach is broadly divided into two segments:

Who is the consumer?

Who is the consumer?

What are they purchasing and what are the influencing factors?

What is he purchasing and what are the influencing factors?
How can it help you?

1. It helps in assessing “Who are the target segments?”

  • Understanding the demographic characteristics of the consumer with regard to their income, age, household size, number of children and their education
  • Assess social fabrics and place of work that fullfills his daily and social needs
  • Assess the consumer psychology of how he thinks, what he feels and his motivations.

2. Assessing consumer's decision-making criteria, "What is he purchasing and what are the influencing factors?"

  • Assess how the consumer psyche is influenced by the kind of developer, location of the project and the product.
Structure of the questionnaire

The questionnaire is scientifically designed to assess who the target segments are and their decision-making criteria.

It is broadly divided into various sections based on the consumer survey objectives.

Section 1: Respondent's Profile

  • To assess who the respondent/s is/are and what their social environment is which will eventually influence the property purchase decision-making.

Section 2: Respondent's past experience in real estate investments

  • To understand the respondent's psychology in context of decision-making.
  • To understand and assess his past investments and experience.

Section 3: Respondent's outlook towards developers

  • To assess what the respondents think about different segments of developers and how they associate with the developer.

Section 4: Respondent's perception towards the investment opportunity

  • This section assesses whether the respondent is willing to invest in the real estate market and what his decision-making criteria will be, and his willingness to pay premium for "specific deliverables" which can include premium product, timely delivery, low rise/high developments and views.