Liase Foras Independent, non-brokerage realty research company
Liase Foras Independent, non-brokerage realty research company
Independent, non-brokerage
realty research company

Customised Research & Advisory Services:

Our advisory services are backed by strong data and scientific rationale. The primary elements of our advisory services are:

  • Scientific framework: Scientific concepts that unravel realty mysteries form the very crux of our advisory services.
  • GIS integrated Data: Geographic Information System forms one of the main aspects of our feasibility studies. Starting at the very basic aspects such as geographical coordinates, terrain, and altitude; along with satellite mapping, and competitive project topography.  
  • Balanced Financials: Various viable options are delved into on a discounting cash flow (DCF) model. Here products, along with their gestation period in sales and achievable pricing, are analysed to choose the best option that offers the highest returns within the optimum time.
  • Best use analysis: Every structure belongs to its location and time. The prognosis analyses the plot/location characteristics with prevailing market dynamics and delves into various options to find out the one that would give the highest and maximum development realisation.
  • Product Viability Study: The aim of the study is to ascertain that the envisaged development and product plan of the developers are feasible. The overall objective of the study is to analyse the competition and validate the envisaged product-mix at the subject-site.

Offering a structured approach to prognosis

Subject Site Assessment :

Physical survey of catchment, Land use analysis, Infrastructure (Present & Future), Connectivity, Demographic/population profile.

Market Dynamics :

Analysing the micro/road level trends of supply, demand, value of sales and other metrics across development profiles and product ranges in the catchment.

Price Determination :

Prices across the products are determined on the basis of scientific theories . The prices so determined would provide optimum velocity to the project.

Determination of Development / Product Mix :

Development Mix is determined on the basis of present and expected demand in catchment, based on our Magnet Theory.

Financial Analysis :

Product Mix so determined is financially tested to analyse the impact of RoE, IRR, equity involved . The analysis would also involves Probability Analysis.

Preparing Design Brief :
Beyond the best use prognosis, we write uncluttered, contextual design brief for Master Planners/Architects. The objective is to provide clear communication to the Architect with regard to product, development mix, and consumers, while maintaining equilibrium between aspiration and economic prudence. Beyond the basic elements governed by the local laws and DCR,the research looks into the esteemed factors that a make the difference in the character of a township.Thorough research is undertaken on the best practices being adopted nationally and internationally.