Liase Foras Independent, non-brokerage realty research company
Liase Foras Independent, non-brokerage realty research company
Independent, non-brokerage
realty research company

We are proud to be a strategic partner of the highly diversified DMG Group. The group operates in 40 countries across the world and its revenue in 2014 was over $ 3 billion.

DMG is invested in a variety of spaces – from media and energy to land & property, and education as well. The group caters to both business and consumer audiences.

DMG information handles over 95% of the United Kingdom’s valuation workflow for lenders and much more in the real estate sector. Landmark UK (a subsidiary of DMGi) identifies and translates environmental and property risks into facts, insights and opportunities.

Using data and technology they deliver intelligence and solutions that enable informed decision-making. DMGi’s clients include banks, valuators, environmental professionals, lawyers, and architects.

DMGi Land & Property Europe, is an acknowledged leader in data analytics and workflow solutions to the commercial and residential property markets in Europe. It serves multiple customer segments through its leading brands including Landmark, Argyll, Quest, SearchFlow and On-Geo.