Real estate market outlook in 2020

Sitting on a goldmine of real estate data, we decided to share it with our patrons this time. Liases Foras summarises condition of property market in 35 cities across the country. The latest quarterly report that cover the dynamics spanning between July, August and September this year have been presented in the report.  It cover […]

How to give a booster shot to ailing real estate industry

People stop buying things and that is how you turn a slowdown into recession said Janet Yellen, an American economist. Her words sum up the current scenario of the real estate market aptly. Aimed at improving sentiments, the revised policies and tax structure are inadvertently creating hurdles for both homebuyers and stakeholders at a time […]

Budget 2019 and the ride so far

Budget 2019 is going to be unveiled in a few days. And market is abuzz with opinion of stakeholders. Demanding incentives and relaxations, developers are vying to tide over the crisis looming over the real estate sector. The suggestions on offer range from setting up a special window to bail out troubled non-banking finance companies […]

chances of real estate revival under modi government

With NDA II, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in place, clamour for reforms in real estate sector are getting louder. On the other hand economic slowdown is deepening with NBFC crisis and lowered real estate demand. In the last tenure, Modi government had implemented several policy measures to regularise and improve housing […]

India and China Real estate market – How do they compare?

China has the biggest Real Estate market amongst all the countries. It makes up for more than 25% of its GDP, contributing almost $65 trillion to the country’s income. Hence, it came as a jolt when Moody’s downrated the ratings of 51 of the 61 top property developers to ‘CCC’ or junk recently. Indian property […]

What’s better renting or buying? Real estate offers low rental yields in India

Renting or subletting a home, is a common practice across the globe. A majority of the population, which has migrated on account of work to the metros, lives in a rented house or on a sharing basis. Number of people who live in rented houses is highlighted in the table below: Source: Census of India […]

What is going in Mumbai and Pune real estate markets?

In this post, we analyze a three-year trend cycle spanning across Mumbai Region and Pune residential real estate markets. SalesRevenue-wise Mumbai Region is the largest property market in the country. In terms of sales, Mumbai scores over Pune. The Graph shows sales trends spread across the two key markets of Maharashtra.Frequent upheavals are visible across […]

Affordable housing continued to grow in 2018

Photo Credit: Thinkstock The real estate and housing market in India has rationalized in 2018 after a slew of policy interventions. Though inventory kept piling across top Indian real estate markets (MMR, NCR, Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai and Kolkata) at a significant pace, sales were also witnessed. The industry stakeholders have been stressing on […]

Where is the housing finance market headed? and how CAN the banks/HFCs tackle asset quality issues?

The Housing Finance market Since 1985, the Union government has been striving to address the housing shortage through various policies and provisions. And since then housing finance schemes have been directly impacting such policy interventions. Known for its resilience, the housing finance market has attracted a lot of financiers due to its promising nature. Home […]