NCR market revives on the back of branded development. After a long wait, Prices finally take an upward trajectory.

NCR residential market is reviving on the back of branded development. The market will take a few quarters to recover from the impacts of Covid as the annual sales in FY21-22 are still 28% below the pre-Covid levels (FY19-20). Support by the government, reduction in circle rate and relaxation in regulation have helped uplift the […]

With sustained demand, the closing unsold stock in the Bangalore market on March-2022 is less than 2X times annual sales of FY 21-22

The IT sector continues to be the driving force for the residential market in Bengaluru. Despite the second and third Covid wave, Bengaluru market is able to maintain sales above the pre-Covid levels. The sales in FY 21-22 are 9% above the pre-Covid level (FY 19-20). Stable prices, developer discounts, and government support have helped […]

Pune revived from the COVID hiatus with a 19-month reduction in gestation despite a 2X increment in new supply

The residential real estate market of Pune city is driven by affordable homes in the IT dominant residential pockets. Recovery from the impacts of Covid-19 is well underway as the sales in FY21-22 exceed the pre-Covid level (FY19-20) by 25%, and at the same time, unsold inventory has declined by 21%. The real estate sector […]

Affordable and mid-segment continue to drive the residential market in MMR. Reduction in building premium charged by the government has fueled new supply in the luxury segment.

The residential real estate market in MMR is on a steady path to recovery with annual sales in FY 21-22 falling short of only 4% of the pre-Covid level (FY 19-20). With stability achieved in the market, new supply numbers are back to normal. Price has seen a 1% growth Y-O-Y. FY 21-22 Highlights During […]