Change in construction pace: A year-wise comparison

Out of the 15,085 under construction projects accessed by Liases Foras across 51 cities in India, 34% of the projects remained with no change in construction for the period
Oct ’19 – Sep’20 Vs Oct’20 – Sep’21

37% of projects witnessed a drop in their construction pace, while only 29% of projects witnessed improvement in the construction pace.

Around 3620 projects out of 15,086 dropped their pace by more than 75%.
Subsequently, 754 projects have shown a drop of 50-75%,
753 projects have shown a drop of 25-50% &
452 projects have shown a drop of 0-25% respectively.

Stalled projects contributed to 34%  of the total projects. No changes were observed in the stalled projects throughout the period   

29% of the projects saw an increase in the construction pace during the year.
Around 3621 (24%) projects increased their pace by more than 75%

151 projects increased their construction pace by around 50-75%, 300 by 25-50% and another 301 projects paced their construction progress by 20-25% during the period  Oct ’19 to Sep’20 Vs Oct’20 to Sep’21.