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Our robust data, cutting-edge IT analytics, and a team of experts will provide you the best risk, advisory, and valuation services in the market

Liases Foras advisory services and online products offer all kinds of solutions for developers. While web based tools Ressex and DFS quell data driven needs; our advisory services are aimed at improving market entry strategy

Liases Foras bouquet of services including Portfolio Validation and Price Indexation are designed to guide through market risk and chances of price correction. Decision maker can subscribe to online products to know demand and supply scenario. Our advisory portfolio includes Best Use Study, Product Viability Study

Liases Foras offers real estate data and analytics to leading HFCs and banks. We can help in planning and growing your business besides monitoring associated risk factors and determining close to accurate valuation  

Check prevailing market price points with DFS, Liases Foras online tool. Also go through our valuation services for overview of Techno Economic Viability Study. Our advisory team prepares Design Brief and carries out Best Use Study

With our online tool Desktop Valuation validate valuation in an organized manner. Liases Foras has also created CRYSTAL, a valuation workflow model. The two tools compare price points according to Liases Foras proprietary data, property registration data and secondary source data (listing website). Identify right comparables in the catchment to arrive at right valuation with our online tools

Liases Foras Research Team offer tailor-made reports on urban phenomena, housing production and consumption. We can also assist in Urban Planning and Policy Mapping

Macro Ressex offers housing and real estate trends across locations; insights on production and consumption pattern as per price band in different cities are also available among scores of other data points

Check our exhaustive housing market reports

Individuals and investors can check the pulse of property market in a city before taking decisions through Macro Ressex dashboard or market reports.

Liases Foras Advisory Services for architects focus on assessing Best Use, conceptualizing Design Brief and Urban Planning needs. DFS is a resourceful online tool to evaluate economic viability of Product or Development Mix right at the planning stage

Ressex dashboard has been designed to help building material companies and large suppliers identify business opportunities.

Check emerging trends in housing market

Liases Foras offers range of Advisory and Valuation Services for corporates for better decision making

Contributions of Liases Foras Research Works have led to path breaking solutions in solving paradox of realty market

Start out design plans on the basis of statistical inputs from the field. Take advantage of Liases Foras Research and Advisory Services for promising takeaways



Ressex, our online data interface, provides structured solutions to day-to-day questions pertaining to real estate markets and projects.

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Desktop Valuations with comparables, is a web based valuation tool kit designed to give users the price of a property in minutes

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Desktop Feasibility Solution (DFS)

DFS is an analytical interface backed by granular data to assess residential project viability across 60 cities.

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Crystal is a valuation workflow system designed to streamline the interaction between lenders, valuators, and surveyors through automation and mobile devices

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This product uses extensive data and analysis of on-ground performance of over 10,000 developers across 60 cities in India to help users manage lending risks

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Opps is a data driven analytics tool to help banks, HFCs and financiers identify the potential opportunity and underlying risks while lending for home loans

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Real Estate Market Reports

Exhaustive report on market condition, demand-supply dynamics, price points among scores of other parameters

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Advisory Services

Highest And Best Use Study

Depend upon our trusted site and market analysis to identify the optimum development mix that results in the highest returns

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Urban Planning Services

Count on our experts to prepare detailed city development plans and financing strategies to unlock the potential of urban regions

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Consumer and Intermediary Survey

Use our structured field research to understand the spatial and location needs of your consumers

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Preparing A Design Brief

We prepare an uncluttered and financially prudent design brief to move the project to the drawing board and execution

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Micro Market Reports

Micro-market report focuses on dynamics and trends in particular location or catchment

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Product Viability Study

We will help you ascertain feasibility of your project and circumvent the risks involved in its development

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Valuation Services

Retail Valuation For Home Loan

Dedicated chartered surveyor (civil engineers) provide retail valuation to the leading home loan lenders in locations of Mumbai, MMR region, Pune and Bengaluru

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Technical Valuation And Techno-Economic (T.E) Studies

Highly qualified experts with over 20 years of experience, track records and accomplishment form the technical team of valuation

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Portfolio Validation And Price Indexation

LF offers data driven price and micro market risk assessment of existing portfolios of banks HFCs

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Urban Growth Patterns

Contributions of Liases Foras Research Works have led to path breaking solutions in solving paradox of realty market

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Housing Production & Consumption

LF Research tries to answer which kind of framework is required to bridge the gap between price and domestic affordability in the housing market

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Policy & Impact Assessments

Liases Foras Research is dedicated towards producing knowledge about the functioning of land and housing market in India

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