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Our robust data, cutting-edge IT analytics and team of experts will provide you the best risk, advisory and valuation services in the market

HIGHEST and best use feasibility study

Bank upon our trusted site survey and market analysis to identify optimum development mix to ensure highest returns.

Content of the report

  • Studying key business centres in the catchment area and understanding their degree of influence on the subject site.
  • Assessment of built-up potential on site, based on development control regulations (DCR)
  • Identifying proposed infrastructure plans and recognising its impact on the site area
  • Assessing social and physical infrastructure accessible from the site and carrying out potential need gap analysis

This involves: Understanding prevailing and future potential of real estate markets for residential, commercial and retail sectors in terms of demand, supply, price movement and offtake percentages.

This involves: Evaluating current market offerings and expected market changes with respect to product size, product type, product configuration, ticket size, specification, amenities, etc. Studying patterns of launches to determine the potential market share a project can achieve.

With the help of data analytics, we identify ideal product mix, pricing, and sales absorption/velocity, to suggest the price and requisite amenities. Our services include advice on:

Best development mix

Price determination through algorithmic calculation

Product mix with sizes

Recommending requisite amenities and specifications

Detailed cash flow analysis to ascertain the best performing option along with optimum timeline and phasing of development. Our financial modeling presents scenarios with different outright and lease rates.

Sample report


Count on our experts to prepare detailed city development plans and financing strategies to unlock the potential of urban regions.

We provide an in-depth analysis on

  • Current and expected future demographic patterns, land use and built up area density studies that explain expanding geographies and uses.
  • Gaps between the demand and supply of physical and social infrastructure in the region like - housing, water supply, roads, street lights, schools, hospitals, etc.
  • City investment plans, priority of investment needed to implement planning visions and alternative financing strategies.

Consumer and Intermediary Survey

Use our structured field research to understand the spatial and location needs of your consumers.

Consumer survey study is broadly structured into two segments

Product Viability

We will help you ascertain feasibility of your project and circumvent the risks involved in its development.

Preparing a Design Brief

Extending beyond the best-use prognosis, we write uncluttered, contextual design briefs for master planners/architects. Beyond the basic elements governed by the local laws and DCR, the research work we undertake while designing township looks into the esteemed factors that make the difference in the character of the land parcel.

Apart from making recommendations based on local laws and DCRs, we offer planning and design solutions that would ensure a vibrant built environment. Our objective is to communicate clearly to architects and planners about the product, development mix and target consumers, while maintaining a balance between ‘vision’ and economic prudence. Our recommendations are drawn from extensive case-study research of successful international and national examples. Thorough research is undertaken on the best practices being adopted nationally and internationally.


Risk Reports are carried out primarily to assess the state of the market and measure the price correction during oversupply scenario or default risks in the market. The approach followed is:

  • Firstly to gauge the market dynamics and price behaviour
  • To analyse the market trends with regard to demand, supply and price movements
  • The scientific equations are established to determine the price patterns of the geography

Offtake velocities, market efficiencies, affordability and the prevailing price metrics are used to ascertain the fair price and gaps and thereby prevailing rates and scope of corrections are determined. The overall report has four sections:

  • Assessment of the prevailing market
  • Assessment of market risks
  • Assessment of future outlook
  • Gradation and Mapping of the competitive projects on the basis of their value offerings and price
Structured approach

Site assessment

Physical survey of catchment area, land use analysis, infrastructure networks (present & future), transport connectivity, demographic profile and economic density.

Market Dynamics

Micro/road level analysis of supply, demand, sales and other metrics of development profiles and product ranges in the catchment area.

Price Determination

Prices of all products are derived through scientific theories. The prices so determined will provide optimum velocity to a project.

Determination of Development/Product Mix

Development mix is calculated as per present and expected demand in the catchment area using ‘magnet theory’.

Financial Analysis

The product mix is then financially tested to analyse the impact of RoE, IRR and equity invested. The analysis also involves testing of cost and revenue assumptions.

Backbone of our advisory services

Scientific Framework

We use high level of econometrics and tested
regression models to assess viability of products
and development mix, including pricing.

GIS Integrated Data

GIS enabled data forms the core of our multi-scalar
feasibility studies, which allows for focused
investigations of land-use, demographics, and infrastructure-market dynamics

Balanced Financials

Various viable options are explored through a discounting cash flow (DCF) model where the products,along with their gestation period in sales and achievable pricing are analysed in order to choose the best option that offers the highest returns in optimum time.

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